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Audio Engineer turned Unity Game Dev. Will be combining both my skillsets when appropriate, and will be documenting my Unity Dev growth in these Medium Articles

Now that I’ve finished up the Galaxy Shooter game, I’m on to the next project! This time around I’ll be working on a project called The Great Fleece — a stealth game.

In this project I’ll be diving into Cutscenes and Camera movement; using Unity’s timeline to create a cinematographic masterpiece! (Or something along those lines…)

I’ll be looking at using Actors, Light Probes, Virtual Cameras, and a multitude of different Camera tricks.

Of course, the game isn’t just one long cutscene. So I’ll be showing you how to implement a Click-To-Move system for your Player in a 3D environment…

Well, we’ve reached the end of our small Game Development for Galaxy Shooter! It’s been a fun project to work on, and I’ve learned a lot from this experience and I hope you have to!

Now that our game is finished, it’s time to build our Game and publish it to a hosting site so that the world can play!

Hosted on

Building for WebGL

Luckily, when using Unity, switching between platforms is not much of a hassle and just involves a few clicks!

The first thing we need to do is to make sure that all of our Scenes are in order, so that…

Our Boss now has all the necessary things to make it a formidable opponent, but as of now, it’s invincible!

In this article, we’ll create a Health system for our Boss, and a unique explosion that triggers when you defeat it!

Disregard the “Wave 1”, haha.

Boss Health Bar UI

Creating the Boss Health bar is very similar to when we created the Player Thruster UI element. You can read up on that here:

First we’ll create the UI Elements needed inside our Canvas; a Border, a Fill, and Text to tell the Player who’s Health Bar it is:

Our Big Bad Boss can move, shoot fireballs and Freeze asteroids, but now it needs some sort of defense. If we could just shoot the Boss, it would be too easy for the Player. With this shield, the Player has to waste precious ammo to break down the Boss’s shield to damage them.

For my Boss, I decided to create a Freeze Asteroid Belt that would revolve around the Boss acting as a shield, but also created an animation where the Asteroid Belt expands, creating a kind of defensive attack!

Fancy shield!

Creating the Asteroid Belt

Creating the Asteroid Belt required some planning to fit 16…

We have our Boss moving, but now it’s time to make them more dangerous by giving them some shooting abilities!

My Big Bad Boss will have the ability to shoot fireballs that explode, and also Freeze Asteroids to slow the Player down and make them more vulnerable!

It’s raining projectiles!

The Fireball

The Boss’s Fireball is actually just a reuse of the Kamikaze Enemy’s bomb with different settings and an extra animated sprite.

Well, the Galaxy Shooter game is almost ready to be released into the world, but it’s missing one final touch! A Big Bad Boss Enemy to test our Player’s skills!

In the next few articles we’ll be creating a Boss Enemy that has a few intricate parts that all work together. The Boss will have a new movement system, waypoints, which we’ll cover in this article.


The Boss Aesthetic

Obviously, the Boss has to stand out and feel pretty gargantuan. So I’ve added a few features and a couple parts to make it feel that way.

With more Power comes more responsibility… Unless you have a Homing Missile, then you can just let it do it’s thing!

Probably one of the most Powerful Projectiles known to the Game-verse, Homing Missiles are a staple in locking down those pesky Enemies that are just too far away or in odd positions.

Let’s make one!

Is it laziness? Or is it just awesome overpowered weapons?

Creating the Pickup

First thing’s first, we need a Pickup to activate the new Projectile type!

I am using the same Ammunition pack used previously to create the Ammo pickup — it’s a free pack in the Unity store!

I just duplicated 3 large bullets to create…

Previously we added some Sine movement to some of our Enemies with a simple script to give them some more complex movement. Thus making it a little more difficult to destroy them.

Now what if we take it another step further? Creating an Enemy that has the ability to detect if there is a Laser coming it’s way, and attempt to dodge it? Well buckle up, cause it’s coming at you right now!

What do we say to death? Not today.

Creating the Enemy Prefab

For creating this Enemy, I figured that dodging a Player’s laser would feel a bit annoying to the Player. And wasps are annoying too. …

Our Galaxy Shooter game is getting pretty hectic. There’s a lot of Enemies to dodge, and a lot of Powerups to grab along the way now. But what if we could make it a little easier on the Player, say sacrificing some of their movement so that Powerups would come to them instead!

With a couple lines of code, we’ll make that possible!


The Magnet code

To create the magnet-like code, we’ll be diving into a Powerup script and creating a new function.

We’ll be using the ‘C’ key to activate the magnet, and while that key is being held, all the Powerups…

We’re in the stage of making our Game more difficult, so why not another Enemy type to throw the Player off! This Enemy will be given the ability to shoot behind itself, making the Player watch their back once they’ve dodged their forward attack!

This is actually a simple process that only requires a few tweaks in our already existing code (if you’ve been following these articles).

Watch your six!

Creating the Enemy

I’ve dubbed this Enemy the Double-Sided Enemy because that’s exactly what it is — two enemy sprites, one facing forwards and the other backwards!

Frank Warman

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