What’s Next After Galaxy Shooter?

Now that I’ve finished up the Galaxy Shooter game, I’m on to the next project! This time around I’ll be working on a project called The Great Fleece — a stealth game.

In this project I’ll be diving into Cutscenes and Camera movement; using Unity’s timeline to create a cinematographic masterpiece! (Or something along those lines…)

I’ll be looking at using Actors, Light Probes, Virtual Cameras, and a multitude of different Camera tricks.

Of course, the game isn’t just one long cutscene. So I’ll be showing you how to implement a Click-To-Move system for your Player in a 3D environment, creating a base Enemy AI system that includes waypoints and giving them ‘eyes’ to notice the player, and also security cameras that the Player will have to time in between the Enemies paths.

All this too will be topped off with some UI elements, a Main Menu, and properly setting up a Loading Screen for a Game.

Be sure to give me a follow on Medium or LinkedIn for updates on the progress of this next project! It’s sure to be a fun one with lots of interesting learning opportunities!



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